“I am a well known gynaecologist from a leading clinic in Riyadh.
Endometriosis treatments are available in our country but nothing compared to what France has to offer. For some of our demanding female patients seeking international expertise, I can only recommend Deberri. I have been endorsing Madame Palau’s work for some time now and trust her professionalism and confidential approach.”

Doctor Eman Z. Saudi Arabia

“I contacted DeBerri Medical Concierge in early September after being diagnosed with endometriosis by my GP and gynaecologist. They found a leading specialist immediately and a video call was scheduled within two days. I travelled to Paris with my husband and children and was operated on. It changed my life! The speedy, professional, personal service was very reassuring at a very worrying time. I would not hesitate to use this excellent service again and would highly recommend DeBerri to anyone seeking first class specialist medical help.”

HH Reem. F.A.S. Saudi Arabia

“Plastic surgery has always been some kind of taboo in our family; I had been for years a gloomy teenager then an insecure woman because of my nose.

One of my cousins who travels every summer to the French Riviera told me about DeBerri and its exclusive yet confidential services. I decided to travel to France and went to do the surgery in an exclusive private clinic in Paris. I was just thrilled with the results and happy I took the decision on my own. DeBerri organised one week on a private yacht for my cousin and myself to recover from the surgery and we had the best time ever.”

Maha G. Kuwait

I live in Cameroon and the medical care offer in Yaoundé is not up to international standards. A friend told me about his excellent experience with DeBerri so I did not hesitate. The service I received was extremely quick. I can highly recommend DeBerri Medical Concierge for knowledge and experience and for their impeccable discreet guidance.”

Henri B. Cameroon

“I contacted DBMC after needing some major and vital specialist advice on mastectomy after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. In Russia, most surgeons and gynaecologists do not do immediate reconstruction and I did not want to be mutilated for months before being subject to reconstruction! Madame Palau has been helping so many foreign ladies with this condition that she had the right kind words and also organised the surgery with two top surgeons, including one the best oncoplasticians worldwide.”

Irina D. Russia

“Thank you all again for your unquestioning compassion for us and for trying to help us find a treatment.”

John & Lina T. USA

“I am on the board of various Egyptian companies and needed to keep total confidentiality about my health problems. For the past few months I had shown symptoms of cardiac rhythm disorders and when it is about the heart… you need to make sure you are in the hands of the best specialists! My wife and I travelled to Paris and met with Madame Marie-Gabrielle Palau whom I knew through a mutual friend. She reassured us and took care of all steps in the medical journey. We stayed in France for a little over one month with the kids, and had the best organisation ever. Worries are now gone and praise Allah I am in good health.”

Ashraf H. Egypt

“My cousin recommended this service to the family as we were struggling to find the best care for my father’s prostatitis issues. One call and we had our specialist video consultation the following day! It transpired my father had been misdiagnosed for two years!

This service is truly invaluable; my father’s quality of life has changed dramatically. We are forever grateful.”

Dina L. Lebanon

“DeBerri Medical Concierge was an absolute lifesaver for me!

I had been overweight for over 10 years and my life was a nightmare. I wanted to change physically and improve my health and wellbeing.

I found DeBerri mentioned in an article in Tehran Times and did not wait to contact them. Immediately, I felt that I was in good hands. The team including my patient manager were incredibly kind, thoughtful, and considerate on the phone, and worked quickly to explain the service and mobilise finding the best surgeon for me. They even followed up with me over the next few days to check in on my condition and offer words of support. And Paris is the best city ever!“

Niluphar G. Iran

“Top confidentiality and best service anywhere, EVER!”

Sue L. Singapore

“I cannot recommend this service enough. The team is professional, conscientious, and efficient, in addition to being truly kind and caring. Thank you!”